How to setup an ipad

Turn on your iPad. (top right hand side of iPad)

Select 'British English'

Select 'United Kingdom'

Tick 'enable location services'

If you're in school, connect to the school Wifi - Stretfordhigh. Password: Th3B1gCl0udAb0v3

Click Setup as new iPad

If you have not already set up an Apple ID using your school email, select 'create a free Apple ID.' Otherwise sign in with your Apple ID

Enter your date of birth

Enter your name

Select 'use your current email address'

Enter your school email address

Enter a password

Enter a security question

Keep email updates turned off

Agree to the 'Terms & Conditions'

Select 'Use iCloud'

Select 'Back up to iCloud.' This will automatically back up your iPad data over wireless networks.

Tick 'Use Find My iPad' - very handy tool if you misplace the iPad

Select 'automatically send'

That's it! Start using your iPad!

Watch the video: iPad 8th Gen 2020 Impressions - The Perfect iPad for Most! (May 2021).