How to design a portal iphone art

Start off with any image I used this one

Using PixelUp app I saved 3 Various versions of the image by pinching and zooming

Here's the second one

And a 3rd its up to you, then open all 3 in squareready app and crop all to same size the largest JPG is my choice

Then open Blender app and blend any 2 under Multiply or any to your liking just swipe up to pick then save and blend the result with the 3rd image too add as much as u want

This is blender app Tap the bottom squares to load images, use slider for amount, swipe up to show blend type

Final result of blends

I then used this frame in Diptic app and loaded the same image in all 4 frames then rotated and mirrored to get this result

Result after diptic app

In Snapseed app the fun starts, sharpen the image until edges start to appear, sharpen again if necessary, saturate to get those colors popping, use the drama effect, Be playful with it then GRUNGE !

Snapseed app touch image to find type of edit This is sharpening and structure under Detail start here

Then Drama effect

This is Grunge

The Snapseed result should be like this but it's up to you

Some white balance does wonders, also the centre focus gets some light in if you want all still in Snapseed app

Finally in LensLight app add a sun or a star :D Make sure you Tag me on @itsOhjay so I can see your Rad results enjoy ! I'm on twitter and instagram

More examples

More examples

More examples I used a planet creation app to get this result Have Fun and don't forget to tag me so I can see :D @itsOhJay

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