How to throw a sunflower bridal shower

All of the decorations were made with many of the ideas coming from Pinterest.

Guests were served scones, strawberry salad, chicken salad in pastry cups, cheese and grapes, pasta salad and millionaire pies and so much more. The tables were beautiful.

Each guest was given a recipe card and asked to write a favorite recipe so the groom can eat after they are married.

The groom was asked 20 questions before hand and at the shower the bride was asked the same questions. If her answer didn't match her fianc├ęs' answer she had to put a marshmellow in her mouth.

The canvas on the fireplace was done at Walmart in one hour. It was gifted to the bride after the shower. The banner was made using scrapbook paper.

These mints are so easy to make and taste so yummy. It is a recipe from Pinterest with a few tweaks, like adding the melted chocolate. The sunflower plates were bought at a yard sale.

Sunflower mints. In a mixing bowl mix 1 softened package cream cheese with a half teaspoon mint flavoring and food coloring. Beat in a 1 lb bag of powder sugar. Roll in balls and then in fine sugar.

Everyone received a sheet with questions to see how well they knew the bride. The person with the most correct won a candle.

Watch the video: I Helped Throw My Friend A Baby Shower Vlog. Sunflower Theme (May 2021).