How to make 'internet'

For health reason, I prefer to use egg-noodles (u can use any brand) though the original recipe calls for 'instant noodle'. Why I dont like it? Coz Instant noodle consists of MSG and a lot of natrium.

Other than noodles, these are the basic component: egg, corned-beef (for healthier recipe, use fresh minced-beef), garlic, small green chilis (or u can use thai bird-eye) and green leaves.

Crush or thinly sliced your garlic then saute it in a saucepan using canola oil. Add the corned or fresh minced beef. If you use minced beef, dont forget to have ut seasoned before sauteing. Set aside

Prepare you bowl. Add in some salt and pepper and cayenne pepper.I use kosher salt mix of shallots and chive to give more kick in my 'internet'

Drizzled some light olive oil and mix it up. If you happen to use instant noodle, you may skip this part coz the instant noodle already gives u an instant seasoning. However, lots of MSG inside

Prepare a pan with some water. When boiling, cook your noodles for few minutes until al dente. If you like to have your noodles with some meatballs, cook them altogether with the noodles

Never use the excess water comes from noodle cooking process. Transfer your noodle to your prepared bowl

Boil some water (not as much as the amount of water for noodle-cooking process). Add in the finely chopped small green chilis and poach your egg at the same time. However, fried egg is also OK

When you're happy with your poached-egg, turn the heat off and transfer your poached-egg and chilis right into your prepared bowl

Add in the sauted corned-beef into the bowl.

Topped with grated cheddar cheese if you like, or simply topped with fried-shallots. Now who can resists? enjoy!

Watch the video: How could you make Your Own Internet - Beginner Tutorial I Tech Talk 1 (May 2021).