How to make an old halter look new

If you came to my house- you'd think I was a slob. If you came to my barn- you'd think I had a cleaning lady.. My barn and the things in my barn are compulsively clean.

So with that said, here's how to make your halter look beautiful again

Have a good playlist, this can take awhile.,

Get your stuff

Put it in the water

Soak the other while you're scrubbing

Best place to put it is on your leg

You'll end up just as dirty

Dip your brush in the soap

Any soap will work.. I use laundry detergent sometimes, but I usually use Ovris.. The carpet and livestock cleaner!

Like that.. You'll need quite a bit

Scrub the shit out of the biatch!

Put it back in the water and

Fondle it like its your lover..

Prepare to meet your washer!

Remember kids, these are candy, so eat the whole bag.. But you should probably save one for the wash..

Throw 'em in

Just do a quick wash

Lay them out on the porch and let them dry.

Ta-da! Look at how beautiful it is again!

Watch the video: How to Make a Good Looking Nylon Rope Halter for Sheep Using Simple Tools Around the Farm! (May 2021).